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Aviation Consultancy

Specialising in

  • Airspace management

  • Air traffic management

  • AFIS at sport aviation special air events

  • AFIS practical training

  • Optimum routings

  • Aerodrome layout design

  • English Proficiency Rating assessments


Web Site Creation and Hosting

We can create web sites to your specification for almost any application. For those who would like a web site but don't know where to start, why not start here? We can offer advice and suggest design concepts to reflect your company image. We can also arrange to register your web address and host the web site if your service provider does not offer the facility.


Marketing and Training Presentations

We can produce attractive and memorable animated presentations. The applications for these range from impressing the board of directors, through marketing seminars to training lectures. Sound effects are an additional aid to keeping the audience's attention.


Technical and Marketing Literature

AVC can create technical and marketing literature of almost any nature. We offer a turnkey solution for your documentation needs.

We can create customer instruction literature for any device from kitchenware, through appliances to motor vehicles and aircraft. We are also adept at producing customer documentation for computer hardware and software.  We can also produce technical training manuals for support, workshop and assembly personnel.


We will:









your documents in printed or a variety of electronic formats.

We also undertake intermediate stages:

You write it, we edit, illustrate and publish.

We write, illustrate and provide you with a master document you publish.

You provide a master document and we supply an on-line electronic version.

You provide a monochrome master and we supply an on-line colour version.

You provide a paper typescript, we supply a typeset master.

The combinations are almost endless.
For distributors of imported equipment, we can intelligibly re-write instruction manuals that have been translated from their native tongue into a language barely recognizable as English.


Graphic and Layout Services

In addition to producing technical and marketing documents we are able to offer:

Logo design

Letterhead design

Custom greetings cards

to reinforce your corporate image and customer rapport.


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 mobile +27 082 873 0591

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