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AVC prefers close liaison with its customers. During the production of a document there are a number of decision points involving your direct input. You are free to consult us at any time during the production of the master document, right up to final draft stage.

Though personal contact is preferred, this is not always possible or cost-effective. Liaison can be carried out via Email, snail-mail, phone, FAX or any combination of these. Wherever you are in the world, we can provide any of our services. We will gladly advise you on the most cost-effective output for your needs.

Stage 1

A document is planned in consultation with you, to agree on format, style, layout, technical content, optimum length, illustrative material and colour.

Stage 2

The author will gather the relevant content information in close liaison with you.

Stage 3

The text draft, including sketched illustrative material is submitted to you for review. The author will liaise directly with you during this review, if you desire. You return the draft with required changes indicated and any additional material required for inclusion.

Stage 4

The first book draft, laid out as agreed in the original document plan or as modified during Stage 3 consultations. This draft contains all the modified technical content notified in Stage 3, with illustrative artwork. You return the draft with required text and illustrative changes indicated.

Stage 5

The final draft is submitted to you for review. You return the draft with a signature of approval. At this stage minor typographical changes may be indicated.

Final Acceptance

The master document is delivered to you in the agreed output form.

If AVC is arranging printing, a paper master may be delivered to you, if desired. The print master is delivered to the printer, with instructions for printing, quantity, and delivery.


Arrangements are made according to your requirements for delivery, either direct from the printer or via AVC. We will check book quality before delivery.

AVC can produce and test electronic documentation in quantity.

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